‎Christie Joy‎ to Blanca Beyar
April 10, · New York · 

Another wonderful connection with you, so much gratitude for our first session 12 years ago and for what our session brought me to today. Thank You for being the bridge between my Mom and I. I have been trying to make sense of her passing and process what our new relationship looks like. Through you, she gave me clarity and the knowledge that she is not only with me, but she is still guiding me and protecting me even on the other side. She made that clear today through so many spot on specifics shared. Not only with me, but the friend she said “hi” to confirmed the information my mom sent her, which I am sure also brought her peace. I look forward to completing my activity and processing it with you in a few weeks as I continue working into my “3rd panel” with the openness our healing will provide me. Ben was so happy with this story. He wanted me to tell you that he will not leave the pool all Summer and Thank You.

Marcela Valencia 
April 1 at 8:50pm 
I am beyond grateful that my 18+ year journey has brought me to where I am today and closer to realizing my purpose in this lifetime. Words cannot describe the love  💗 for my Shamanic Tribe...🌿Star, Meda, Amitola, Lomasi, Peta, Odina & Catori...I am humbled by your beauty, strength, grace, love, & passion. Thank you for acting as my teachers, sisters & reflections.  ✨ 🦋 ✨ Blanca Elder Shaman Star, you have removed the veil and have shown me the truth.  🙏🏽

Kathryn Rooney Haldeman‎ to Blanca Beyar
March 28 at 4:15pm 

I am just stopping by to thank Blanca for my recent phone reading and to inspire others who might be considering booking a reading, to go ahead and do so. This was my second phone reading and the guidance and support that I have received has been invaluable. My experience has left me in awe of Blanca’s gifts. Her words give me a clear view of my path and motivate me to continue my journey. I am so grateful for Blanca's friendship and I plan to utilize her astonishing gifts for many years to come.

Kevin Stark
March 16 at 8:57am 
I don’t post on Facebook much, but I had to post about this book I read a month ago. The book is called Experience by Blanca Beyar This book has spoken to me like none other has. It makes you call yourself out, and forces you to challenge yourself by taking the time to experience everything around you. In some cases we find ourselves sunk deep into our cell phones, or distracted by other things. We never really take the time to focus and enjoy what we have, or what we’re currently experiencing. So many blessings are around us, and his text helps the reader to recognize that. Take the time to look up, listen, and focus on everything around you.