Are You a Starseed? 

A Starseed can be defined as a Cosmic or Galatic Being from another dimension. Starseeds have been entering our physical realm over the last three decades, more than ever before.. They are here to help and assist humanity through the ascension process in very unique ways. 

As an "Activator," I humbly assist Starseeds in many ways by helping them to identify and activate the codes/activation seals that release the memory and traits of the origins. 

Ideally, through a 90-minute Skype or Whatsapp session, we can connect and activate these sacred codes to help you align with your Starseed foundation. If a live connection is not possible, several email exchanges will be made and then I will provide a private video sharing my insights and providing your light-code. 

Knowing or origin truly assists in aligning with our soul's purpose and mission calling and also assists in opening up our innate heightened abilities and gifts. 

90 Minute Session Distant Skype or Whatsapp/ Email/Video
Exchange $250 

Please note, once a session is paid for, you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule  session date/time.