Experience The Journey With Shaman Elder,Star 

Group Shamanic Journeying Events 

Enter Into the Journey
Cleanse, Purify, Reconnect 
There is nothing more purifying than entering into the Mother's womb...to be replenished, restored, purified and rebalanced. 

Hosting An Event 

 If you are inspired and called to be a facilitator host for a group Shamanic Journey, a minimum of 8 people are required. (No children under 12 years of age allowed).

The group can be as large as can be accommodated by the space where you are hosting event, as the journey will be a group offering. 

Shamanic journeys are approximately 75 minutes so if you are renting a space to host the event, it is recommended that at least 2 hours are accommodated for grounding and sharing after journeying.   

The offering exchange per person is $48. The host/facilitator is required to collect exchange prior to offering. 
*Please Note that he offering price is for hosting events in the immediate New York/New Jersey Tri-state area. If you would like to host an event outside of the locale, travel expenses will be added. Feel free to reach out to discuss arrangements. Emails/inquiries can be sent to [email protected] 

Group Shamanic Journey Events 

​If you possess a yearning to experience the vibration and awakening energy of Shamanic healing and journeying, this is an invitation for you to consider hosting an event in your holistic/spiritual community or in the privacy of your home with your special tribe. 

The tribe will be guided through a shamanic meditation, and then be guided through the vibrations of drumming and rattling into the core of Mother Earth and the direction in which your spirit will experience optimal healing, releasing and restoration. 

The Shamanic Journeying will unveil a "death and rebirth" into a new step in your spiritual awakening, purpose and life experience. A special token of symbolism will be given to each participant as a connection and remembrance of their shamanic journey.

The Group Experience
Message from Elder Shaman Star

Every one is a natural born "Shaman" because we are all born from and in to the Mother Earth. 

Shamanism is not only about offering healing to others, but to reconnect to the core of the Mother Earth, to remember, rejoice and have reverence for all that we are given through the Mother Earth connection.
Elder Star has been teaching, attuning and initiating students for more than 20years.

There is a powerful field that is created when a soul tribe comes together to support, witness and heal together! There is an eternal and loving bond that is created to and from the Mother's womb, to all that are present.  

The Empowerment of Shamanism 

Transformative, Replenishing, Purifying, Awakening. 
Shamanism connects us with the creatix that gave birth to our existence and brings us back in harmony with the core elements that assist us to experience this thing we call "life." 
Shamanic work is about the pulse...the vibration and frequency that exists in our breathe and in the life force of the Mother Earth. It helps us to harness the cosmic energies that we gain through meditation and the cosmic connection that will ultimately help us to embody higher dimensional energy in the body, in our  intentions and in the Spirit.  
Shamanic energy and healings help to transmute and remove stagnant energies and blockages through movement--breathe, fire and the elemental sources that are in our innate makeup.