Shamanic Apprenticeship
Learning Academy

I am humbled and honored to witness the success of the Shamanic Apprenticeships and am thrilled to be offering another enrollment. In order to accommodate and service more individuals who are interested in experiencing and completting the apprenticeship, I have changed the structure of offering them into full day modules each month for each level. Total of 3 Months.      

The First Class- Introduction To Shamanism 
Saturday, April 27th.  
Time- 11 AM - 4 PM  (Half-hour Lunch) 
Interactive Class
Exchange: $150 Paid before Class   

What is Shamanism? 
The Difference Between Shamanism and Healings
Mother Earth & Shamanism 
Vibration & Shamanism, 
Shaman Tools, Rattle, sweeping, feathering 

Date: Saturday, January 12th.  

Second Class- Practicing Shamanism  
Saturday, May 18th   

Time: 11 AM- 4 PM (Half-hour Lunch) 
​Exchange: $150
The Elements & Shamanism 
The Animal Kingdom & Shamanism 
Basic Introduction to Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Regressions 

Exchange:$200 Paid before Class 

Initiation & Certification for Shamanic Apprenticeship Completion  

June 8th, 11 AM- 2 PM 

Each of the classes is considered a level of learning and completion. However, level 1 must be completed in order to attend level 2 and both level 1 and 2 must be completed in order to earn Certification in Shamanism.  These are interactive classes, must be willing to participate during class as well as in private group sharing via email/private FB group.          

Please only register if you are truly committed to learning about the journey of Shamanism. A commitment is necessary. If you are inspired to join the apprenticeship classes, please register and submit first tuition or full payment and email me at [email protected] to let me know that you are committed to joining the apprenticeship class 1 no later than November 20th.  


Meet our Tribes 

Elder Shaman Star (Blanca) 

Every one is a natural born "Shaman" because we are all born from and in to the Mother Earth.
.Shamanism is not only about offering healing to others, but to reconnect to the core of the Mother Earth, to remember, rejoice and have reverence for all that we are given through the Mother Earth connection.
Elder Star has been teaching, attuning and initiating students for more than 15 years.  

 Elder Star has assisted and led hundreds of Shamanic Apprentices through the Shamanic Journey of purification, aligning, grounding and "stepping into their sacred divine Selfs.  
Through the Apprenticeship, the importance of the collective "Tribe" is held in reverence and unity. Sharing, learning and growing together is the glue that soldifies the strength of One, and of All.   
Many of the Apprentice students discover their calling and develop the courage, strength and inspiration to "step out" to answer the call to serve others after completing their Shamanic journey.